The original hands free leash

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Walk your furry friend hands free (without getting dragged)


Prevents pulling from your dog


Safe and easy to control


Comfortable to wear


Storage pouch

Color: Teal


Size: One size fits all (8-120 Pounds)

One size fits all (8-120 Pounds)
One size fits all (8-120 Pounds)

Walking your dog just got way easier

Whether it's coffee in one hand and your phone in the other, or picking up your pooch's poop without fumbling with the leash, our hands free leash makes walking your dog "a walk in the park".

  • Great for walking, jogging, hiking and running

Say goodbye to constant pulling

Make the days of getting your arm ripped out of its socket a thing of the past.

The aiveys hands free leash is designed to prevent leash tension & pulling with its double shock absorbers. Giving both you and your pup a more comfortable walk.

  • Suitable with dogs up to 120 lbs

Made with your loved one in mind

As fellow pet parents, we know how much we love our pets. That's why we designed our leash with durable & long lasting materials. So you can feel confident walking with your furry friend.

  •  Reflective strips for walking safely at night

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