Bird simulation toy

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Give your cat the thrill of the hunt, from the safety of your home with the aiveys bird simulation toy.


activate their prey drive


relieve separation anxiety


promote healthy exercise

color: 1 set with 1 brown bird included

1 set with 1 brown bird included
2 sets with 2 brown birds included

Naturally relieve anxiety

Is your cat bored? Laying around too much?

Look no further and stimulate your cat's brain with the bird simulation toy from aiveys!

This bird has the perfect combination of movement and interactive play needed to keep your cat engaged with it, providing healthy mental and physical stimulation.

Activate their prey drive

Unfortunately, more than 70% of cats suffer from boredom & anxiety, which is awful.

Our Bird Simulation Toy gives your furry friend the thrill of the hunt from the safety of your home. Offering them unmatched fun, even when your not there to play with them them.