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Here's what some our happy customers have said...

Makes me happy

I adopted my cat Donny a few months ago, and it’s been SO hard because as much as I love him, he’s so destructive. I have tried so many different things to try to keep him from ripping up my furniture but he has been relentless. He has multiple scratching posts, plenty of string, plenty of catnip toys… nothing does it for him. I saw an ad for these balls a few days ago and the reviews seemed pretty good so I gave it a try.. I am so happy I did!!!

Jesicca A.

Jaspers new favorite toy!

This toy exceeded my expectations! I have a super active cat.. way too active cat. I’ve bought countless toys for him, and he only plays with them for short amounts of time before never touching it again. Jasper LOVES this toy!!

Anna C.

Luna loves aiveys

My cat Luna wanted me to write this review and let you know that she recommends this toy to any cat… she wishes I would have found it sooner. Luna is so picky with her toys that almost anything I buy her sits in the corner collecting dust… Luna is almost 11 years old so she doesn’t get excited about much. Let me tell you, she gets so excited over this ball. She only stops to eat! I’m not kidding! We love it.

Jared S.

Best ball ever

I have 5 cats… so you can guess that it’s hard to keep them all entertained. I saw these balls on instagram and knew we had to try it. I paid for 2 and got 2 free and it was worth every penny! Honestly I would pay more for these just knowing how much it entertains my cats. They love it so much and they bond over playing with it!!! ❤️

Jaccy B