Interactive flappy duck

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Just like you, cats can get bored & lonely. Keep your cat happy & entertained even when your gone.


perfect for busy pet parents


promotes healthy exercise


improves mental health

color: Mr. Flappy

Mr. Flappy
Mr. Flappy & A Friend

reduce boredom & separation anxiety

Is your cat bored? Laying around too much?

Look no further and stimulate your cat's brain with the interactive flappy duck from aiveys!

This duck has the perfect combination of movement and interactive play needed to give your cat the thrill of the hunt in the safety of your home.

Its prey-like movements will encourage your cat to engage with it, providing healthy mental and physical stimulation.

the playtime they crave, even when you're busy

Cats are curious animals and love to play, but as much as we'd love to give them our full attention all day, it's just not possible.

When we're busy at work or running errands, it can leave our furry friends feeling bored and anxious.

The aiveys interactive flappy duck is the easiest way to give your adventure seeking cat the time of a lifetime, even when you're not home!

made with your loved one in mind

As fellow pet parents, we know how much we love our pets. That's why our flappy duck is made with a removable soft plush shell that is both washabe & durable.

Our toy can withstand the ball of energy that is your cat, providing your pet with the best playtime possible.

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