Calming cat bed

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Give your cat the feeling of comfort even when your not around with the aiveys calmimg cat bed


relieve separation anxiety


promote healthy sleep


improve joint health

color: grey


size: small cat (16in by 16in)

small cat (16in by 16in)
small cat (16in by 16in)
big cat (20in by 20in)

Naturally relieve anxiety

Unfortunately, more than 60% of cats suffer from anxiety, which is awful.

The calming cat bed reminds your furry friend of the feeling of their parents warmth. Offering them unmatched comfort, even when your not there to cuddle them.

The gift of better sleep

Most cats get anxious waiting for their owners to come back home from work.

Our calming bed gives your furry friend the coziest environment possible, so they can finally get the peaceful rest, they deserve. Even when your away.